Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Slice of Life - September 5, 2017

If Only Every Weekend was a 4 Day Weekend!

So I officially went back to school last week. I had open house last Monday night, then had students Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I then had Friday-Monday off. At the beginning of last week my classroom was ready, my supples were set to go and I was ready for my students. Then they arrived. I forgot how exhausting the first few days of school can be! We got all the rules down and got all of our norms set, we got our #classroombookaday off to a great start, and we started our first read aloud of the school year. All in all it was a pretty good first few days, but boy was I ready for a few days off! I'm not sure what it is about this school year, but I don't think I have ever looked forward to my 4 day Labor Day weekend this much before. Maybe it was because I felt like summer really flew by this year or that I know I am going to have to be on top of my classroom management skills this year. Whatever it was, I was ready to enjoy my weekend with my family! We spent the first two days just kind of lounging around, my daughters played while my husband and I did some yard work, there may have been a trip to get donuts! Also, a true sign that fall really is around the corner, we spent Saturday afternoon watching the first Notre Dame football game of the year (Go Irish!). Then the Sunday it rained, but we still made the most of it by taking a quick trip to the playground and then going for ice cream. On Labor Day we took a ferry ride on Casco Bay in Portland and went to one of the nearby islands for some more ice cream. We finished off the night with some great Flatbread pizza and possibly some more dessert! All in all I felt like it was a great weekend and I am now recharged and ready to be truly back to school!