Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Tuesday Slice of Life - August 15, 2017

Welcome to my new blog!

My name is Anna Sedenka and I currently teach 4th grade ELA and social studies in southern Maine. In a few short weeks I will be starting my 10th year as an elementary school teacher!
This blog will be about all things ELA, though it will most likely end up being a bit heavier on reading. I will try to keep up with a few different weekly memes, such as this one. I will also post book reviews here (picture books, chapter books, non-fiction, graphic novels...you name it!). Also, keep your eyes peeled for various book related giveaways!

Back to School? Nope!

Last week I had to pop into school in order to fill out a piece of paperwork. I decided that this would be a good time to bring in the mountain of books that had been collecting in my coat closet, as well as get a cursory start on getting my classroom ready for the upcoming school year. I got into the building to immediately find my usual route upstairs blocked because of newly waxed floors. Huffing with frustration, I lugged my mountain of books to the next stairwell, only to find that one blocked as well. I decided to leave my mountain at the foot of the stairs and stop into the office to at least accomplish one of my tasks. I filled out the necessary paperwork and then figured I would try one more stairwell, hoping against hope that it wasn't blocked so that I wouldn't have to carry all my books back out to the car and do this all over again in a few days. Miracle of miracles, this stairwell was open! I lugged my books upstairs, rummaged around in my bag for the keys to my classroom, dropped a few books in the process, and finally barged into my room. I immediately dropped my books inside the door, took a deep breath, and looked at my room. The sight that greeted me was one I thought I was ready to handle. Nope! The sight that greeted me was a mishmashed pile of classroom furniture, along with a few pieces that weren't even mine. My classroom is half carpet ad half tile, and the tile had been recently waxed, which means that every last piece of furniture in my classroom was all piled into one big heap in the middle of the rug. In all honesty I knew that this was what my classroom was most likely going to look like when I went in that day and I really thought I was ready to start sorting it all back into place. Turns out I was so very wrong. I quickly decided that I wasn't quite ready to be "back to school" yet, so I added my mountain of books to the nice pile in the middle of my classroom, turned out the lights, closed the door, and headed back down the only open stairwell to try again another day!